Invest with Your Pledge

You can pledge to support life at Grace-St. Luke's at any time during the year. The collective giving of time, talent, and treasure (money) to God’s Church through GSL Parish is a priceless and profoundly meaningful way to make tangible your commitment to faith in community.

Every pledge is individual and important. Everyone’s participation is needed as we exist for the purpose of helping all people with “finding God in the heart of Midtown” through all that we offer and the real costs involved. Your investment will help to sustain our mission and ministry.

Recurring gifts: After you SUBMIT your online pledge card by completing the form below, you will be given the opportunity to set up recurring automatic payments.

Investing in Life at GSL (2020 Stewardship Invitation Letter).
Stewardship at Grace-St. Luke’s: Frequently Asked Questions.
Print and Mail 2020 Pledge Form.


All Things Financial (from the Vestry Stewardship Team) January 16, 2020

Special thanks to Allison and Steven King for joyfully stepping up to lead our 2020 stewardship fundraising campaign, and to so many of you who already have submitted pledges to support the operating budget for this year. Your commitment not only helps assure we continue to have a great worship experience, but also enables us to fulfill our daily operation, in-reach and outreach program, staffing-need, and property care goals.

As is typical at this time of year, we still have a number of pledges that are not yet in hand. If you have not had a chance to complete your pledge, please help us by doing so as quickly as you are able. Our Treasurer Bev Trojan, the Finance Committee, and Parish Administrator Linda Stine are currently hard at work finalizing our budget for the year, and would love to hear from you! You may pledge online at or by contacting Linda Stine (lstine [at] gracestlukes [dot] org, 901-252-6324).

With our sincere thanks for your generous support and prayerful consideration,

Tom Stephenson, Vestry Commissioner for Stewardship
Simon Wadsworth, Senior Warden

Investing in GSL 2020

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After completing the form above, it's simple to set up a recurring gift for 2020.  Just follow this link.
If you have any technical questions, contact Lucy Owens (lucy [at] gracestlukes [dot] org) in the office (901-252-6333).